Cut Cravings with Custom Meditations

So I recently had this conversation with a friend. He said, “I eat low carb and Paleo, but I have one weakness, Dr. Pepper. It is my one addiction.” And that conversation brought to mind all the people who have told me about that “one addiction,” whether it is pasta, or bread, or pizza crust, or whatever. But cravings for that one food “addiction” don’t have to dominate your life and sidetrack your health and weight loss goals. You can reduce or eliminate cravings with our Cut the Cravings Meditations, custom recorded for you. Here’s how it works.

  • Simply email us via the Contact Page Here and let us know what that one “addictive” food is that you just can’t kick.
  • We will custom record a series of 4 (four) guided meditations, just for you, to help reduce or eliminate those cravings.
  • The meditations are based on our highly successful Weight Loss Meditations, but will custom recorded to address your one “addictive” food.
  • You can then download your Custom Meditations via an internet link to your computer and transfer to iPhone (or directly to phone for Android).
  • Listen to the meditations nightly for 21 days, and watch your cravings melt away!
  • Total cost is $100, payable via secure PayPal, for complete series of 4 (four) Cut the Cravings Meditations.

WARNING: Do not purchase the Cut the Cravings Meditations unless you seriously want to decrease your desire for that one “addictive” food. The meditations are that powerful.