Implementation: Tools for Low Carb Diet Success

The Weight Loss 101 is designed as the “Total Package” to give you all the tools needed for successful weight loss on a low carb diet. These include:

  1. Full-Day Online Seminar (details click here)
  2. FREE Audiobook
  3. FREE Subconscious Reprogramming Meditations
  4. FREE Written Instructions
  5. PLUS Book Recommendations
  6. PLUS Video Recommendations
  7. 100% Money Back Guarantee

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What are Weight Loss 101 Meditations?

In short, they are YOUR SECRET WEAPON to low-carb dieting success!

  • You listen to these meditations each night immediately before sleep.
    • These are YOUR SECRET WEAPON for successful weight loss!
  • You will completely reprogram your subconscious mind to only desire slimming, healthy food
  • Your cravings for fattening refined carbohydrates will be a thing of the past!
  • When your conscious and subconscious mind are both working toward the same goal
    • There’s NO WILLPOWER REQUIRED to lose weight.

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