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Eat Low-Carb to Take Less Medications

So there are a lot of peoples in the world that are called “modern hunter-gatherer societies.” Many of these peoples and tribes have survived into the 20th century. Thus we have studied:

1. What they ate (before they were introduced to a modern, Western, high-carbohydrate diet)
2. And what happens after they start eating a western diet (a diet high in refined carbohydrates)

Low-Carb Tribes on a High-Carb Diet – What Happens?

This man is a Crow warrior (slender and muscular) – this is the antique photograph of a Crow warrior. So what do the modern Crow people look like? Their diet used to be buffalo, meat, berries and nuts. Then you change their diet from a diet of meat, to a diet refined carbohydrates?  They look just like the rest of us!

The photo on the top is a modern Crow Indian child (overweight). And on the bottom is modern Crow Indian adult (also overweight with typical abdominal fat often called a “beer belly”) receiving a medal from a congressman. So if you take a modern hunter gather, somebody who is a tribe that eat lots meat and no refined carbohydrates, and you put them on a diet high in refined carbs… They get all the deceases that you and I have. They get all the diseases that our family members have – diseases like overweight, obesity, hight blood pressure, and diabetes.

Another Low-Carb Tribe on a High-Carb Diet

This is another “modern hunter gatherer society” that survived in isolation into the 20th century. These are the Inuit (commonly known as Eskimo), and look slender and healthy in this antique photo. This looks like a really happy little Inuit family. And these people survive 9 months out of the year, traditionally, on only whale meat. Period.

Now whale meat contains two things. It contains a lot of meat, and a lot of fat. There’s no carbohydrates in a whale. So 9 months out of the year they eat only whale meat and whale fat (and some caribou). And how do they look in this photograph? They look like pretty slim, healthy people. And in these modern hunter gatherer societies, they don’t have the disease that we have – even though they eat tons and tons of exclusively fat and meat for 9 months out of the year! They don’t have diabetes. In fact, cancer is unheard of in these populations.

Then you put them in a western diet, high in refined carbs, and guess what happens? This is a father and his two daughters. The two daughter are morbidly obese. The father is heavy too, and he has diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. So this is another hunter gatherer society, you take them off their meat-based diet, and put them on a high-carbohydrate diet, and this is what happens?  They look just like the rest of us!

Now the thing that’s inspiring about this is the story of the father. In the movie “My Big Fat Diet Canada,” in that documentary, everybody in the whole town goes on a low-carb diet. This father says that:

  • Within 4 days, he is off 75% of his medication
  • Within 2 months, he is off 100% of his medications

That’s one of the thing is really inspiring to me, and one of the things I want really want to share with you.  YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

You have a choice about your health, about your life

1. You can choose to Consume the Killer Carbs (refined carbohydrates and sugar). When you consume the Killer Carbs, you end up with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart decease. Then, after you have these diseases, you get the pills. Sometimes for diabetes you get 1 pill, 2 pills, 3 pills, and then they put you on insulin. For high blood pressure, did you know there are over 200 high blood pressure medicines? And then for heat disease, they put you on cholesterol medication and aspirin etc…

So you can choose go down this path. And if things get bad enough, then you need surgery. If things get bad with heart disease, you get to have bypass surgery. If the diabetes gets bad, then you end up having eye surgery, amputations, and chronic wounds etc… So you can choose to go down this path. It is your choice.


2. You can choose to CUT THE KILLER CARBS. You can say “I’m done! I’m done playing with these snakes!” And that’s what the Killer Carbs are, they are snakes, and you don’t need them in your life.

What I Wasn’t Taught in Medical School

The other thing is this, I wasn’t taught this stuff in medical school, and your doctor probably was not taught this stuff in medical school either. We weren’t really taught that patient’s have a real choice between pills and diet.

The professor never said:

“OK all you med students, be sure to tell your patients that they have the choice to 1. take a lot of pills their whole life or 2. change their diet and dump the pills.”

The professor never said:

“Remember to tell your patients, they can choose to change their diet and get off 75% of their medications in 2 weeks – and get off 100% of their pills in 2 months.

It was more like:

“This medication treats this disease… That medication treats that disease… The other medication treats the other disease… And this medication treats the side effects of that medication which you patient is taking for that disease… Et cetera…”

But remember, You do have a choice!


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