How Can Metabolic Coaching Help My Patients?

If you are in a busy medical practice, like me, you have noticed that there just aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when it comes to counseling patients on diet and lifestyle changes –  even if that dietary counseling could drastically improve their metabolic syndrome, diabetes control, and more . That’s where Metabolic Coaching comes in. You can simply refer a patient for Metabolic Coaching with confidence that they will receive at least one hour of dietary instruction with one-half hour of Q&A with a qualified physician.

In my clinical practice, it always amazed me when I would ask a diabetic, “Do you know what a carbohydrate is?” And the answer would be, “No.” Metabolic Coaching is designed to fill that education gap. And all in less than a minute. Simply:

  • Hand the patient a metabolic coaching card
  • Let patients know that they have options – increased medications or lifestyle changes. It’s their choice
  • Encourage them to attend one Metabolic Coaching session
  • Congratulations! It only took less than a minute to connect your patients to 1 1/2 hours of dietary counseling

It’s that simple.

And by offering Metabolic Coaching in small group format, the cost is affordable for all patients. Cost is only $49 per month which includes the 2 hour Introductory Session and weekly follow-up sessions and support for 3 months.

When Should I Refer Patients For Metabolic Coaching?


  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes
  • Pre-Hypertension and HTN
  • Increasing Weight

And When

  • Adding Medications
  • Increasing Med Dosage
  • Increasing HgA1c or BP
  • Pt Wants Fewer Medications

What Will My Patients Learn?

The overal premises of Metabolic Coaching are these:

The Metabolic Syndrome is a disease largely caused by diet, and can be significantly improved by dietary changes. As you already know, the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome (depending on whether we are using NCEP or AHA definitions) includes: central obesity, high triglycerides (>150), low HDL (<40 male, <50 female), elevated blood pressure and elevated fasting glucose. Each of these metabolic abnormalities is exacerbated by the modern American diet which derives over 60% of calories purely from carbohydrates (mainly refined carbohydrates, sugar, HFCS, and processed grains).

When you refer a patient, they will learn:

  • What a carbohydrate is
  • How to identify refined, processed, high-carbohydrate foods
  • How to exclude those refined, high-carbohydrate foods from their diet
  • How to re-balance their diet with healthier alternatives
  • Practical food choices that can make an immediate positive health impact
  • How to implement this strategy for long-term benefit

But Metabolic Coaching is not just for patients with the Metabolic Syndrome. As we know, when a patient progresses from being pre-diabetic to overtly diabetic, their dyslipidemia and hypertension do not magically disappear. Patients who are overtly diabetic can improve their blood sugar control and HbA1c with Metabolic Coaching as well. Diabetes is a disease of carbohydrate intolerance, and reducing the percentage of calories from refined carbohydrates can reduce blood sugars, reduce dependence on medications, reduce insulin levels, and improve insulin sensitivity – all while causing a healthy reduction in weight, blood pressure, and improvement in dyslipidemia.

In short, your patients will learn how to identify refined carbohydrates and reduce (or eliminate) them in the diet. This simple change will give your patients the knowledge to improve their health. Our practical food choices and implementation strategies will give them the tools to turn that new knowledge into real power. Included with the one hour coaching and 1/2 hour Q&A will be free unlimited access to our online tools including over 8 hours of original audio and video presentations on the subject, subconscious reprogramming audio tracks, and written dietary instructions. With these online tools, patients can choose to attend just one Metabolic Coaching session do the rest of their study online. Or, if they prefer, they can return for future sessions, on a monthly rotating schedule of topics.

More Info

For more information you can email via the Contact Us Page, or call (325) 338-6651.

Patients must Pre-Register to reserve their spot in at the Metabolic Coaching session. This can be done online via the Register Page, or by calling (325) 338-6651.