Low Carb Diet 001-The Low Carb Weight Loss Diet Program

Weight Loss 101: Cut the Killer Carbs – One Day to a Healthier You: Session 1-001

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Good morning everybody. And welcome to Cut the Killer Carbs – One Day to a Healthier You!

How to Lose Weight - Hour 1

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I was just telling some of the attendees here that the reason this weight loss conference is a day-long conference, (it is a six hour conference) is that it is based, in large part, on a stop smoking conference that has a really high success rate. One that helps people stop smoking without having to use willpower.

And that’s the idea here, that you can improve your weight, improve your diabetes, your blood pressure, and take less medications without having to use a lot of willpower.

So we are going to go over a lot of information and cover a lot of material. And we will cover some things more than once. Those things that we are covering more than once, and from different perspectives, we are doing that for a reason. We are doing that to take willpower out of the equation. Because nothing was ever cured with willpower.

Medical Disclaimer

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Now I’ve done my legal duty.

How to Lose Weight – Hour 1

So this first hour I’m going to introduce myself, to begin with, and then we are going to talk about my story, including the weight story of my life. And we will talk a lot about how the human body works. And these are things that you should understand about your body.

I’ll tell you how it is taught in medical school and then how I’ve come to realize that your human really should work, the way your human body is really intended to work.

The Paleolithic Diet – A Low Carb Diet

The Paleolithic Diet - A Low Carb Diet

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I love this graphic. I don’t know why. But I think this is a Paleolithic man. And what we are going to do today is put our heads together, and we are going to think about food. We are going to challenge a lot of your beliefs about food and a lot of things that you may have thought were healthy for you.

And the reason that your though they were healthy for you is because health authorities, and people that you know, love and trust, told you they were healthy. But we are going to challenge those beliefs together.

An important point is that I don’t know all the answers. Your doctor does not actually know all the answers. And the people on TV certainly don’t know all the answers. These people who give you health advice on the TV all the time… and they say don’t eat this, you need to eat that, eat celery instead of potato chips. On and on…

The only way that you can know the answer is from your own experience. And that’s why I’m going to encourage you to go see your doctor before you start the low-carb lifestyle. And then go see your doctor afterwards. Because you need to be convinced that for yourself, personally, you’re doing something that healthy for you. Not only that you can lose the weight and fit into your clothes that you have not been able to fit into, but also you have to be convinced that the way you are eating is the way you were intended to eat.

So how do you know that the way you are eating is the way you were intended to eat? Well, it’s because your cholesterol improves. Your blood pressure improves. Your heart disease risk factors improve. So you have to know the answers from your own experience, and don’t trust everything you hear on the television.

Weight Story of My Life

Okay, so we’ll start with the weight story of my life, and this is kind of funny. I started off as a baby, and when I got to high school I was 180 pounds. That was a pretty normal weight for me in high school.

Then I thought I fell in love with a girl. And the girl was an exercise fanatic and a health fanatic. I started running five miles a day, and also I starved myself. I felt hungry all the time. But running 5 miles a day and starving yourself will get results, and I got to 160 pounds. So I went from 180 to 160 pounds. The problem is that I had a pit in my stomach the whole time. I was hungry…

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How to Lose Weight: The Weight Story of My Life Continued

How to Lose Weight-The Weight Story of My Life Continued

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part-003-low-carb-weight-loss-diet-programpart-003-low-carb-weight-loss-diet-programAnd this weight loss experience stuck with me my whole life, such that whenever I gained weight, I always thought that if I could just get used to the feeling of being hungry all the time, I would lose the weight. But it’s not normal. It’s not normal to fell hungry all the time, and you can’t sustain this.

So then I went to college. And in college there is this thing called the “Freshman 15.” That’s when you put on 15 pounds when you go to college. Well guess what I did? The “Freshman 30,” and I got to 190 pounds! And that’s what an all-you-can eat dining card can do for you when you have no clue what you are supposed to eat. That’s what happens when you combine those two things.

I stayed this weight (190 pounds) for quite some time, and went to medical school and my residency. And when I was in my residency I was depressed for a year. I don’t actually know what my weight was, because I never weighed myself, but I fit into really small pants that I had never been able to wear before.

But during this period, number one, I was depressed. And number two, I didn’t eat. I didn’t eat breakfast, I didn’t eat lunch. So no breakfast, no lunch, and then for dinner I would eat whatever I wanted. So you can do that and it works, but I don’t recommend clinical depression as a method for anybody to lose weight.

Depression and Weight Loss

Why do you get depressed during residency? Because it is stressful.

So I got out of residency. I got out, and I moved back to Lubbock. I’m glad to be here with everybody. And when I moved back to Lubbock the stress level went down. But as the stress level went down, the weight went up. All the way up to 213.5 pounds! And I add the .5 because I have a sheet of paper that I’ve kept for a long time that had that exact weight on it.

So this is 213.5 pounds, two years ago. And what happened at that point was that my wife was kicking me out of the bed. She said “You’re snoring too much, and I can’t sleep.” Well, I had been to medical school and I knew that the reason I was snoring too much was because I was too fat. It’s not the only reason that people snore, but I knew that was the reason that I was snoring.

So I just said, “I’m done!” I was done getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Then I remembered something from medical school. I remembered that if you cut the carbs out of your diet, then all of your metabolism turns backwards!

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