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There are Two Keys to Success on any low-carb diet, whether you are starting the Paleo diet, the Atkins diet, South Beach, or any other low carb diet. With both keys, it is possible to melt away the fat and get the body you’ve always imagined. Without both keys, your weight loss is questionable.

The First Key to Success on a low-carb diet is Information. The good news is that you can get a lot of information on living the low-carb lifestyle from books (Atkins, Paleo, etc…), videos, seminars and even YouTube. The Cut the Killer Carbs Online Seminar is 5 1/2 hours of hard hitting, key information that you need to lose the weight on a low-carb diet. And the entire seminar is given by a medical doctor (a real MD) who experienced the benefits of low-carb weight loss for himself. So there’s no dietician who’s never practiced what they’ve preached sitting there “preaching” at you. Instead, you get the facts, and real information you can use from someone who has actually been down the low-carb weight loss road – and succeeded.

The Second Key to Success on a low-carb diet is Implementation. There is an old saying that “Knowledge is Power.” But the truth is “Knowledge is Only Potential Power.” Knowledge is nothing if you don’t do anything with the knowledge in your head. For example, when it comes to weight loss, many of us have heard of people who have lost 20, 40, or even 100 lbs without ever feeling hungry on a low-carb diet. We “know” it can work. We have the “knowledge,” but nothing much is happening in our life to make us slimmer. If knowledge is power, then we should be getting skinnier just by knowing that low-carb diets work.

That’s What Makes Weight Loss 101 Different! This program is designed to help you turn that knowledge into reality! Our Cut the Killer Carbs Tool Kit turn that “potential power” into “real power” that can transform your body, your self image, your health, and your life. The biggest different between Weight Loss 101 and other low-carb diet plans is that we teach you how to completely reprogram your subconscious mind to only desire great tasting, slimming, healthy, delicious, low-carb foods. What does that mean for you? Weight loss without ever feeling hungry. Weight loss without ever feeling deprived. It means you can lose the weight without the struggle. It means the battle is over, you’ve won! Congratulations!

What are the steps to reprogram your subconscious mind to lose weight? First, you watch the online weight loss seminar – this gives your conscious mind information it needs to start the journey. Next you listen to the audiobook version of the seminar several times, so the low-carb message begins to sink into your subconscious. At the same time, you listen to Our Weight Loss Subconscious Reprogramming Meditations nightly – to totally change your subconscious views about food. Now you can lose the weight, melt away the pounds, and finally, maybe for the first time in your life, you can end your struggles with weight. And achieve the slimmer, healthier you that you’ve always imagined!

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That’s what Weight Loss 101 is all about! Low carb weight loss success from start to finish!

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