The Cut The Killer Carbs Audiobook Version

This is the complete, unabridged, audio content of the 2013 Cut the Killer Carbs weight loss seminar so you can listen to on-the-go, wherever you are! We include a total of 7 MP3 files that you can put onto your smart phone, tablet, PC, laptop, MP3 player or other digital device. This is a 5 and 1/2 hour audiobook included with your membership! This audiobook version is yours to keep, forever. Listen to the entire program 3 times to realize the truths at a deeper level.

What Will I Learn in this Weight Loss Audiobook?

  • Why willpower doesn’t work when it comes to losing weight
  • How to lose weight with NO WILLPOWER REQUIRED
  • How refined carbohydrates trick our brains into eating more and more
  • How to recognize the refined carbohydrate ‘trick’ and lose the desire to eat them
  • The easy way to lose weight, keep it off, and become healthier
  • How to love life while losing weight with no feelings of regret or deprivation

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Download Weight Loss Audio Book

  • Download the complete audiobook version of the Weight Loss 101 program via the links below.
  • Listen to the whole program a minimum of 3 times through during the next 12 weeks. This repetition (3 times through the audiobook) is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to reinforce the truths taught in the seminar, at a deeper level.
  • These are MP3 (.mp3 audio files) that you can play on your iPod, iPad, computer, smart phone, or MP3 player.
  • Alternatively, you can use your computer’s audio software to burn the files to CDs. Each session should make one CD.
  • Simply Right Click (or CTL + Click on Mac) each of the files below and select “Save Target As.”

Download LCHF Session 1 Audiobook

Download LCHF Session 2 Audiobook

Download LCHF Session 3 Audiobook

Download LCHF Session 4 Audiobook

Download LCHF Session 5-1 Audiobook

Download LCHF Session 5-2 Audiobook Bonus

Download LCHF Session 6 Audiobook